Design your presence

Metod Park is a Turkish company which creates and makes playgrounds. This 3D Animation had been done as a presentation of their play products. The introduction, the characters, the space around the playground and all plays you can see on the video had been modulated by ourself according to their line product. Design and dimension had been respected. It is present on their website.


Projects relative to children is something we appreciate the most, as it allows us to be the most creative and to use colors and funny characters !



As technology becomes a more integral part of consumers’ lives, promo videos become a more effective tool for businesses that want to grow. Promo videos have proven to increase clickthroughs, consumer engagement, and conversion rates.


InternetRetailer tells us that consumers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video of that product. A detailed product description and countless pictures of a product cannot describe a product as well as a promo video can. Demo videos add depth, show the product in a more natural setting, and demonstrate how it actually works. Through video, consumers get to see all the unique features of a product that pictures and text cannot easily explain.