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JA Resorts & Hotels is an international hospitality company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We create a video with their existing photos and added an introduction, a conclusion and a background music.

Video editing

Making videos, finding the right music matching with the atmosphere of the message is something we love to do! 

One of the biggest benefits of hosting your corporate videos online is the tremendous potential for ranking high in search engines - specifically Google. Let's face it, these days having a strong Google search ranking is a cornerstone of just about any business, so making sure that you tap into the potential of SEO/SEM through your video content is paramount. Since its acquisition of YouTube, Google's algorithms favor video content as they are well aware that many users now get their information from videos - not just text-based websites. Climbing the search rank ladder with your corporate video is no different than running a text-based ad campaign. It all comes down to using the right keywords in the title of your video, and making sure your keyword choices are in harmony with the rest of your website. You would be shocked at how many hits your site will get as a result of clicks that come directing from your YouTube content.